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  1. Know where your money goes: - Only 5% of the 100 surveyed person are able to keep a track of how they have spent their money. 95% of the surveyed people found it an enormous task to recall in a span of 3days what they had spent on. The same statistics applied to 100 surveyed sole proprietor businesses. Tracking your money makes a person stand out and effective successful business are managed efficiently when cash flow is clearly studied. This is made possible through expenses, sales and income statement. If you are the one mentioned above or it’s your business this is the high time take a bold step, contact us and confidently start tracking your money.
  2. Track your stock: - In Kenya there is an estimated 1.5million businesses 50% of this business deal with goods. Sole proprietor business in Kenya have a big challenge tracking stocks most of the traders when asked quantity of their stock, or value of their stock they can hardly answer. The future of such a business relies mostly on the utmost good faith of the owner and staffs. The owner hardly leaves the premises unless its closure time and during holidays. Freedom comes by having stock numbers at your fingertips or at a click of a button. Stock taking can be a nightmare but with our solution stock taking becomes a humble pie. Would you like to track your stock? You don’t have to wait any long get in touch and live life free.
  3. Smart money lending: - Someone once said if you want to know people deal with them with money. Money lending is a big business in Kenya there are hundreds of money lending institutions this include formalized ones like banks, microfinances and non-formalized like shylocks. We have solutions for microfinance, shylocks, and individuals who would love to venture in this businesses. The solutions support these businesses by neatly organizing the money lending with high level views of the business performance, reminders notification, penalty, interest calculation, and payments. Better your money lending business by being smart.
  4. Automated routine billing: - Its old fashion to manually send same bill every month for 12 months a year. Some tasks that take much of your time are better off automated our role is to help people and business automate. Get to do what you most enjoy and let automation handle your routine tasks. All this are made possible by automated emails and SMS in our automated billing solutions.
  5. Business automation: - No solution fits all thus we do develop custom solutions, customer is best at their craft we too listen to our customer to craft solutions that meet their business needs. A happy customer is a happy business try us today we craft that ideal solution for your business.

Infotronics Ltd

Infotronics Ltd is a modern IT firm in Nairobi Kenya with a variety of products that are inline with our clients needs. These are effective and efficient systems, supply of ICT products and services, provision of residential internet, and training.

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