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ESI “Easy” System

ESI “Easy” system is an expense, sales, and income system targeting small traders to track their expenses and income.

These system is user friendly, web based, mobile responsive, easy to use, stable, and remote accessible.

Track your income and growth your business!


  1. Record expenses.
  2. Record income.
  3. Monthly graphical graphs of expense vs income
  4. Filter reports by start and end date
  5. Expense report
  6. Sales reports
  7. Income report
  8. Multi-user

Target Audience

Service industry

  1. Saloon and kinyozi
  2. Mama Mboga
  3. Cereal shop
  4. Transporters
  5. Dry cleaner
  6. Artisan and welders
  7. Fruit vendors
  8. Bakery
  9. Cyber cafe
  10. Garage


Option1 - Hosting / Cloud
  • Smart phone
  • Internet
Option2 - On Premises
  • Desktop Computer

Get in touch

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