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Internet Provision

Do you own a residential apartment? Are looking for a reliable internet partner? then we are here to serve you, lets partner through provision of internet to your apartment making your building internet ready. The benefits to your tenants is for those who require internet can easily be connected. Internet connectivity being the future and with the increasing demand each day we are not limited by location we provided our services anywhere in Kenya.

Why us

Our internet services are reliable, affordable, and value for money this means good speeds for affordable price. We have have experience in the industry we have various partners in tier one ISP, we do our research before committing to any engagement or partnerships this is to ascertain that will provide reliable services and deliver what we promise. We will give you peace of mind as with have technical capacity, tools for internet sector ensuring first turn around times encase of eventuality.

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Infotronics:- 0731 967 831 / 0207846700
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Infotronics Ltd

Infotronics Ltd is a modern IT firm in Nairobi Kenya with a variety of products that are inline with our clients needs. These are effective and efficient systems, supply of ICT products and services, provision of residential internet, and training.

Our Contacts

Infotronics Ltd
Pumping Hydraulics, Outering Road
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