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Order System

The idea behind order system is for the sales teams to have a simplified way of generating professional quotes to customers of the company products faster and trackable. It ensures consistency in your quotation layout and numbering. This system is device responsive and can be used by all devices anywhere, anytime unlike desktop application. The system keeps a record of all your products thus minimizes effort required in typing the name of the product now and then. It keeps a record of your customers Name's, contact's, and email thus saves you time in future trying to trace customer details. Once a customer confirms an order, the system allows conversion of a quotation to an invoice without having to type repeat. It also generates a delivery note for all invoices with extra fields for capturing serial number, lpo number etc. The system also ranks sales person according to their performance, support multiple users with three different user roles i.e. Super admin, sales person and customer whereby each of the users has their own web portal. Customers can use their portal to order products directly without going through a sales person and has a powerful emailing feature for automatic sending of a quotation to the customer once its generated.


  • User management
  • Customer management
  • Product management
  • Quote generation
  • Convert Quote to Invoice
  • Sales team performance

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