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KOPO- Loan management system

Are you in business of lending money? Are you a microfinance, Sacco, or a money lender (shylock)? Then we have a system for you. Use our syste...

TIBA - Hospital management system

Tiba HMS is a user friendly, affordable, easy to use, stable, and remotely accessible Hospital Management System (HMS). TIBA automates the ope...

Infotronics Ltd

Infotronics Ltd is a modern IT firm in Nairobi Kenya with a variety of products that are inline with our clients needs. These are effective and efficient systems, supply of ICT products and services, provision of residential internet, and training.

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Infotronics Ltd
Pumping Hydraulics, Outering Road
+254 731 967 831/ +254 (0) 207 846 700